Rubberized rollers and wheels

Rubberized rollers or wheels work in different positions with specific requirements for their use. They require consistent selection of materials for a specific application. We rubberize the rollers for the entire range of industrial production with different types of loads and accuracy requirements.

Our production capabilities of rubber coating:

  • up to 4000 mm
  • up to 800 mm diameter
  • up to 3500 kg
  • hardness 15 - 100 ShA

Industrial use of rubberized rollers

  • Machinery - production of machines
  • Steel industry - production of steel and other metals
  • Paper industry - production of paper and paper products
  • Timber industry - processing of wood and wood products
  • Textile industry - production of textiles and textile products
  • Mining and mining industry - processing of raw materials
  • Glass industry - production of glass and glass products

  • Electrical industry - production of electricity and electronic components
  • Food industry - food processing
  • Construction industry - production and processing of building materials and products
  • Chemical industry - processing of oil, rubber and plastics
  • Waste industry - water treatment plants, waste separation
  • Packaging rolls - packaging machines and lines
  • Transport rollers - roller and belt conveyors
  • Silicone rollers - applications where silicone needs to be used

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