Polyurethane parts

Polyurethane parts, like rubber parts, work in different positions with specific requirements for their use. Polyurethane parts replace rubber parts primarily with requirements for load-bearing capacity, dynamic properties and wear. We apply the production of polyurethane parts by casting molten polyurethane rubber into moulds. The vulcanization of the polyurethane is ensured by the time and temperature in the vulcanizing furnace.

Our production capabilities of polyurethane parts:

  • up to 1000x1000x1000 mm
  • up to 50 kg
  • hardness 25 - 98 ShA

Industrial use of polyurethane parts

  • Machinery - production of machines
  • Steel industry - production of steel and other metals
  • Paper industry - production of food and paper products
  • Wood industry - production of wood and wood products
  • Textile industry - production of textiles and textile products
  • Mining and mining industry - production of raw materials
  • Glass industry - production of glass and glass products

  • Electrical industry - production of electricity and electronic components
  • Food industry - food processing
  • Construction industry - production and production of building materials and products
  • Chemical industry - processing of oil, rubber and plastics
  • Waste industry - water treatment plants, waste separation

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