Polyurethane coated parts

Parts with polyurethane coating, like rollers, work in different positions with specific requirements for their use. They require consistent selection of materials for a specific application as well as tool (mould) construction.

Our production capabilities of polyurethane coated parts

  • up to 1000x1000x2500 mm
  • up to 500 kg
  • up to 80 kg polyurethane coating
  • hardness 25 - 98 ShA

Application of polyurethane coating:

Polyurethane material is very popular in practice. Products made of polyurethane elastomer they replace rubber in many applications. A wide variety of properties and formulations can be obtained by varying the raw materials in the polyurethane materials. Polyurethane elastomers differ from other elastomers (such as rubber and silicone) by a wide range of hardness, high abrasion and resistance to load-bearing.

Apply the polyurethane coating by casting molten polyurethane rubber into molds. The connection of the polyurethane to the substrate is provided by the chemically modified surface of the part and the temperature in the vulcanizing furnace.

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