Rubberized parts

Rubberized parts, like rollers, work in different positions with specific requirements for their use. They require a consistent selection of materials for a particular application as well as the construction of a rubber mould. Production technology depends on the shape and complexity of the rubberized parts.

Our production capabilities of rubberized parts:

  • up to 350x700x1000 mm
  • up to 500 kg
  • up to 60 kg rubber weight
  • hardness 30 - 100 ShA

Application of rubber coating

We apply the rubber coating by cold and hot vulcanization. In the case of cold vulcanization, the bond of the rubber to the substrate is provided by an adhesive (dissolved raw rubber). In the case of warm vulcanization, the bonding of the rubber to the substrate ensures a chemically modified surface of the work and the pressure and temperature in the vulcanization furnace.

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